Terms and Conditions

Vendor identification

Owner – Sushi World Sagl
Commercial name – Parq
CIF – CHE312254595
Address – Via Stazione 5 Muralto, 6600, Suiza
Tel. – + 41 91 922 84 82
Contact email: info@parq.ch

General terms and conditions of the Users

1. Definitions 

– Registered independent external courier: subject who carries out the home delivery service independently and under his own responsibility who is registered on Sushi World Sagl and interacts with it to carry out the delivery services;

– User is the one who accesses Sushi World Sagl also in order to conclude contracts for the purchase of catering products at the Partner Restaurants and for the purchase of the home delivery service at the independent external couriers registered on Sushi World Sagl;

– Partner Restaurateur is the person who manages the Partner Restaurant / Partner Restaurants;

– Price list for the delivery service: Sushi World Sagl has prepared a binding price list for registered independent external couriers, for the delivery service based on the kilometer distance between the Partner Restaurant and the place of delivery of the product

– Partner Restaurant is the restaurant, or other structure that sells elaborate food products such as delicatessens, taverns, take away, pizzerias, or similar;

– Manager is the entity that manages Sushi World Sagl and which currently identifies with the company Sushi World Sagl (Switzerland);

– Platform Service is the online purchase system through which the Partner Restaurateurs offer their products, the registered independent external couriers offer their home delivery service and the Users can make purchases respectively;

Sushi World Sagl is the set of websites, portals, applications, tools, and other devices that are used to manage the online purchase system;

– Registered independent external courier is the person who carries out the home delivery service independently and under his own responsibility who is registered on Sushi World Sagl and interacts with it to perform the delivery services.


2. Role of the Manager 


2.1. The Operator offers with Sushi World Sagl a commercial space for applicants and offerers of catering products and home delivery services and allows these applicants and offerers to get in touch with each other and to conclude and execute each other, under their responsibility, the related purchase contracts.


2.2. The Manager offers the possibility of concluding contracts and for this purpose collects a commission from the Partner Restaurateurs and independent registered external couriers with whom the Manager has a contractual relationship. Users are not charged any usage fees or commissions.


2.3. The use of Sushi World Sagl does not give rise to any type of contractual relationship, not even de facto, between the Users and the Operator. In particular, the User acknowledges that the Operator does not provide home delivery services.


2.4. The Manager has no responsibility for the quality of the products offered by the Partner Restaurants and for the service of the registered independent external couriers.


2.5. The Manager is not responsible for the conclusion, content, and execution of contracts between bidders and applicants assumes no responsibility and does not provide any guarantee for the quality of the content reported in the profiles of the Partner Restaurateurs and of the registered independent external couriers. Sushi World Sagl offers the opportunity to conclude contracts, however, it does not guarantee this. In no case does the Manager itself become a contractual party or assume the function of representative.


2.6. The Manager is neither the provider nor the principal of the services. The Manager limits himself to making the website available (available at the address ………………….) As a commercial space and to maintain it within the framework of the conditions of use. The Manager reserves the right to modify or terminate the services at any time and without notice; this cannot give rise to any legal claim.


2.7. Uninterrupted and error-free availability of Sushi World Sagl cannot be guaranteed.



3. Rates and services included in the single offer 


3.1. The portal shows the cost of catering products, the cost of the home delivery service, and the estimated delivery time in normal traffic conditions. Both costs refer to the amounts owed by the User, considering that in order to promote Sushi World Sagl, the Manager could in certain periods incur part of the actual costs of the products or services purchased through the Portal.


3.2. The cost of home delivery services is calculated on the basis of the kilometer distance from the place of collection of the product at the Partner Restaurant to the place of delivery to the User. This cost is calculated using a computer program that makes a preliminary estimate based on an approximate calculation that allows you to expose the relative amount to the User before confirming the purchase of the home delivery service.

3.3. The rates indicated on the portal are to be understood as inclusive of VAT and all other taxes. The services included in the rate are expressly indicated on the offer page.


4. Registration 


To place an online order, the ticket buyer must log in to Sushi World Sagl with his username or e-mail address as well as his password. If the visitor does not yet have an online account, at the time of the first online order he will be invited to register in Sushi World Sagl with the necessary data. For the purchase of alcohol, the User must be over 18 years of age at the time of order, also at the time of delivery he must show a copy of the identity card to the registered independent external courier, and failing that he will not receive the alcoholic products. Furthermore, he will not have any right to a refund of the price.


5. Order confirmation 


Once the ordering procedure has been completed, the User will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. With the receipt of the confirmation e-mail, the contracts between the User and the Partner Restaurateur and the User and the registered independent external courier are concluded.


6. Payments 


The User can choose whether to purchase the products and the home delivery service by paying via an electronic circuit with a credit card, debit card, Paypal, or other electronic means or by paying in cash by delivering the money to the independent registered external courier. In case of payment via an electronic circuit, the Manager will also collect on behalf of the registered independent external courier and the Partner Restaurateur and will proceed to pay the amounts due to the latter according to the methods and terms agreed with them. In case of cash payments, the registered independent external courier will pay the amounts due to the Manager and the Partner Restaurateur according to the methods and terms agreed with them.


7. Types of orders 


The User can request an order for the purchase and immediate delivery of the products or indicate a future time (day and time) for delivery.


8. Modification or cancellation 


In the event of an order for purchase and immediate delivery, the order cannot be changed or canceled. In the event of a reservation for a future time, the reservation can be modified or canceled up to 6 hours before the scheduled delivery time.


9. Ordering reminder 


Shortly before the delivery time, the User will receive an order reminder e-mail containing the ordering information and any suggestions or offers available, with the User’s consent, including from third parties. The User agrees to receive such a reminder.


10. Feedback on the Partner Restaurant and on the registered independent external courier 


Shortly after the end of the stay, the User will receive an e-mail containing an invitation to express his opinion on the Partner Restaurant and on the registered independent external courier.


11. Terms of use and cookie policy 


The conditions of use containing the provisions on the use of personal data and the legislation on cookies are an integral part of this contract and are available on the site ……. By placing an order, the User declares to have read and accepted them.


12. Accuracy of Information 


To successfully complete a booking, the User must provide a valid e-mail address. The Manager is not responsible in the event of incorrect or non-existent e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, or credit card numbers, nor is there an obligation of verification by the Manager in this regard.


13. Complaints 


Any complaints or claims for compensation against the Manager must be presented as soon as possible, and in any case within 5 days after the date of delivery of the order. Complaints and requests received after this period may be rejected and the applicant will have to renounce any right to compensation (for damage or costs).


14. Ranking 


The ranking and rating given to Partner Restaurants and Registered Independent External Couriers are for suggestion only and are based on multiple criteria, such as popularity, customer rating, customer service and booking data, as well as compliance with the contractual commitments undertaken with the Manager.


15. Manager’s Liability 


15.1. The Operator is liable to the User exclusively for the services that he is required to provide direct and not for those which must be provided by the Partner Restaurants and the independent registered external couriers, considered that through the Operator’s booking service between the Customer and the Partner Restaurant and a direct contractual relationship is created between the Customer and the registered independent external courier.

15.2. Except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, the extent of the Manager’s liability is limited to the total amount of the order, as established in the confirmation email.

15.3. It is always the responsibility of the Registered Independent External Courier and the Partner Restaurant to collect, withhold and pay to the competent authorities the taxes applicable to their activities.



16. Photos, images, and multimedia elements uploaded by the Client 

If the User uploads photos, images, or other multimedia elements, for example during reviews and evaluations, into the Operator’s system, he declares and guarantees that he is in possession of the intellectual property rights of such contents, that they do not violate any provision of law and which do not conflict with morality, which does not contain infected files, and irrevocably authorizes any use and method of disposing of, even legally, of such contents by the Manager.


17. Intellectual Property Rights 


The copyrights and other intellectual property rights concerning the texts, images, and other documents present in the portal are the property of the Manager and can be used only with the consent of the owner. No reproduction of part of this site may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, nor be modified or incorporated into another work, publication, or website, except with the express consent of the Manager.


18. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction These general conditions are governed by substantive Swiss law. The competent court is the Lugano court.